June  15,  2024

Apple Maps should consider integrating an editor tool that empowers approved community members to update points of interest (POIs) and correct errors directly. Mapping services like OpenStreetMap already support this functionality, resulting in remarkable detail and accuracy contributed by community members.

June  11,  2024

The iOS 18 color customization could use some work.

June  11,  2024

Interesting how Apple redesigned the Settings app in iOS 18:

  • Explainers at the header of all the major sections
  • First party apps are now equally discoverable to Third party apps, since they’re all in the new “Apps” subcategory
  • The seem to be developing a language where the background (blue versus grey background) of some of the sections seems to pertain to their controls
June  8,  2024

AI generated art fills that perfect niche of “stuff I used to throw together for fun in photoshop based off some stupid idea”

May  21,  2024

It looks like you’re writing a blog post.

Would you like help?

  • So Microsoft re-announced Clippy after a 20-year hiatus
  • It now has a voice and is called Copilot+ (Plus?)
  • Makes for a nifty prerecorded demo
  • Will be curious if they’ve learned from their mistakes
May  14,  2024
  1. Yes, it really does work as well as those demo videos show.
  2. It turns out all those recent smart assistant devices could just be an app! (Not to mention it has access to all the useful features a smartphone already has.)
  3. It seems the stage is set for this to replace Siri. With first-party support for app and service integration, you have an opportunity for a very compelling new interaction paradigm.
May  8,  2024

Although my Oreo Dipper 9000 may seem like a silly use of GPT image generators, in product design, particularly during the initial stages, the utility of these tools cannot be overstated. They rapidly create preliminary visualizations of your concepts, enabling faster and more effective communication of your ideas. This tool also helps identify gaps in your thought process, as it fills in details you may not have considered, prompting a reevaluation of your approach.

April  21,  2024

Via The Register:

The advisor said that “it is a known issue in the Cybertruck that when you do a screen reset, instead of resetting in the standard two minutes, it takes five hours.”

I will never tire of hearing about this appliance-on-wheels’s woes.