April  15,  2024

Looks like the reviews are coming out for the Human Ai Pin, and the on-hand projection is as terrible as I would have expected when it was first announced.

I wonder if in all their design ideation they considered this Captain Disillusion video from seven years ago explaining exactly why this would be such a terrible idea?

April  11,  2024

Another fun application of AI-generated content: Udio lets you create music just from prompts. This basically completely removes the need for all that terrible stock music you have to use if you don’t feel like licensing the good stuff.

My favorites so far?

March  31,  2024

It would be nice if the Crossfade feature in Apple Music worked when you manually change songs as well rather than just abruptly starting and stopping the music.

That’d also be an elegant solution to implement some AI-powered stem blending for that authentic DJ experience.

March  29,  2024

There’s an inexplicable satisfaction that comes with filling the pages of a design notebook and adding it to the stack of predecessors.

While I may never find the time to thoroughly read through each page, these notebooks serve as tangible reminders of the daily dedication poured into design work. In a world where digital products often fade into the ether, there’s a comforting permanence in holding something physical.

March  22,  2024

Figma please just make it so I can organize my Pages like every file structure system since the 90’s.

March  14,  2024

A small web pet peeve: email fields that try to auto correct names to be capitalized.

Every work email I’ve ever had is my name lowercase, and the autocorrect is way too aggressive in trying to capitalize, which then makes the validation fail if the website is strict about upper and lower case letters.

February  22,  2024

If Apple is looking for suggestions of what to first use LLM AI tech for in Siri: allow it to summarize web results and then text-to-voice.

Then, finally, I can have some peace from hearing: “I found some web results, I can show you if you ask again from your iPhone.”

February  13,  2024

via CarsDirect:

Some people may wonder what the big deal is. Normal cars need to be washed and cleaned regularly. But, what makes the Cybertruck more unique than other vehicles on the road is that its body doesn’t have a clear coat. That means that any corrosive substances that come in contact with the body have to be cleaned immediately or they’ll heavily damage the stainless steel body.

Sounds like fun.

February  13,  2024

Maybe it’s coming in a future iteration of the Apple Vision Pro, but it’s strange that they stuck to the app paradigm for a device that seems to suggest it’d be a great persistent head-up display assistant:

  • Always knows what you’re looking at, could reasonably overlay relevant information
  • Speaking to Siri could automatically process whatever you’re looking at
  • As we’ve seen from some of the early demos, window-based interfaces make sense for laptops / desktops because they’re stationary, that paradigm falls apart if people are moving too much (though having multiple apps placed in 3d space is an okay in-between solution)
February  9,  2024

So I saw this when I was signing into YouTube:

This has to be one of the most bizarre things to put on a such a prominent page: no link to a blog post about the redesign? No way to preview it yet? What the fuck is the point of this message?

At the very least fix your flex implementation: