One thing that I still haven’t seen touch interfaces properly provide affordance for are secondary actions. Yes, you can access them by typically a long-press, but how does a user know which items contain additional functionality?

P.S. Onboarding modals or tooltips are a lazy excuse and if you thought that was an acceptable answer you are wrong.

Why the hell doesn’t the Apple TV Music app have a visualizer?

Some thoughts after reading this great blog post from Columbia’s Stats blog:

Where we are today, Large Language Models (LLMs) have become skilled at mimicking human intuition— taking into consideration all of the individual’s (well, the LLM’s scraping of the internet, in this case) experiences and perceptions and providing heuristic responses to prompts.

What’s really exiting is as we move out of the nascent phase of LLM AI we can now attempt to recreate the higher level of human cognition: reasoning. The question now is which LLM AI product will be the one to realize that a large investment in bringing in psychologists will help them reach that goal first?

Whoever approved this as a solution should be fired, but I think MURAL is basically a Microsoft property by now meaning they’ll probably be promoted instead.

Though really, why does MURAL even exist when you can just use FigJam?

“Hey what symbol should we use to show a track is popular?”

“How about the universally accepted symbol for ‘New’ in a list view?”

“Perfect. And what should the user interaction be when you hover over it?”

“I dunno, how about the Favorite functionality?”

“Sounds good to me! Ship it!”

What the fuck

It’s even more offensive considering they already use “🔥 Trending” in the Maps app to show when a POI is being frequently viewed.

The Slack redesign team didn’t account for me.

Considering how good iOS’s image-to-text processing is (especially compared to competitors), Apple Maps should be able to convert menus into standardized POI metadata.

  • For those that require assistive devices to read a menu, they could just load the restaurant POI
  • Keeps users who are interested in delivery in the Apple Maps app longer, since they don’t need to jump immediately to DoorDash to check the menu if a restaurant looks good
    • Eventually you should be able to order (via applet) directly from the Apple Maps POI card
  • Assuming it’s easy for a restaurant owner to upload the menu, it incentivizes businesses to engage with / update Apple Maps content

“You know when you…”, the start to many a good design metaphor.

It’s always sobering to accidentally leave an adblocker off and visit a couple websites. They really are trying to cram ads into any available whitespace.