July  7,  2024

Apple’s strategy to bridge the gap by porting iOS games to macOS isn’t just clever; it’s a smart way to boost the perceived value of Macs. From a customer’s perspective, the main difference between platforms is how you interact with them. Younger generations are already comfortable doing "serious" work on mobile devices, while older generations still view computers as essential for such tasks.

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July  2,  2024

I’d love to see what an Apple Card Titanium credit card would be like. Apple’s take on the ultra exclusive “black card” market. I’d sign up for something like that in a heartbeat if it included lots of travel perks / concierge that’s actually good / etc.

July  2,  2024

Hard skills become a little irrelevant in the world of GPTs.

July  1,  2024
  • Turn off a bunch of extraneous DoorDash notifications
  • Playing around the app
  • DoorDash shows a modal suggesting that I might miss relevant updates
  • Go back to notification settings
  • All of them have been turned back on

Bunch of bullshit

June  30,  2024

“Oh no how am I going to mass rotate all of these individual image files?”

1. Select the files
2. ⌘ R


June  30,  2024
Image Viewer

Another notebook down.

Made you look.

June  27,  2024

The Apple Music “station from source” feature is pretty good, but what I’d really like to see is an option to “refine”. Sometimes defining the exact vibe of station you want takes more than just one data source.

June  26,  2024

Figma Config announced some new features today:

  • UI3, a redesigned Figma
  • Figma AI (Make Design, Make Prototype, Visual Search, Replace Content, Rename Layers)
  • Figma Slides
  • and some other stuff

Watching the CEO use Figma was peak “How do you do, fellow designers”

June  25,  2024

The iPhone Mirroring feature:

  • Is great for that-one-app-that-is-only-on-mobile
  • Introduces a new paradigm for showing / hiding the window controls, could use a little affordance but pretty slick
  • Sort of makes me wonder why even show the home screen at all? You could probably get away with integrating the hardware to be recognized as native to the Mac and the apps alongside the native ones