February  5,  2024

I’m obviously going to be biased for my own industry when I think of the most immediate applications, but I’m really curious what new interaction patterns can be created when working with creative tools. (A comparable example from mobile interfaces were things like shake to undo, overscrolling the top to trigger a refresh, pinch gestures, etc.)

February  5,  2024

Can definitely see Apple Vision Pro normalizing VR (as it previously had with other products). Went to see what the interest was like at my local store– huge crowds, and trying to schedule a demo showed that next available date as “unavailable”.

January  31,  2024

This would be a pretty solid redesign of the Magic Mouse if they add the multi-touch and optical sensor to this thing.

January  30,  2024

The first full reviews of the Vision Pro are coming out, and gotta say the use case for a go-anywhere-monitor-that-can-also-put-up-a-privacy-screen-but-also-doesn’t-require-you-to-bring-along-other-peripherals is pretty compelling.

One thing I’ve noticed from watching some of the review videos is how everyone’s gestures are very deliberate and precise right now. It reminds me of the early days of the iPhone, where everyone had to learn a new way of typing: with their thumbs.

EDIT: Got around to watching The Verge’s review. That’s some serious production value.

January  28,  2024

I noticed Apple Maps has been inaccurately directed me on a longer route home due to a one-way street misidentification. Discovered the error while driving, reported it, and it was recently fixed, saving 5 minutes every time I head that way.

It does make me wonder about how widespread errors are in Apple Maps data. I wonder if there would be a benefit in supporting user contributions to address such issues efficiently. Maybe some sort of opt-in feature for Maps capturing detailed data to enhance routing and updates?

January  24,  2024

I’ve been talking about the idea of AI taking the role of a personal assistant in people’s lives with friends and coworkers since the boom of AI in recent months. This looks like the first practical application I’ve seen of that idea, have a watch if you haven’t already:

Okay, so what’s so cool about this idea? Let’s break it down:

  • I agree with moving away from the app model
    • If anything, I see apps as just their core function, everything else is extraneous
    • I’d actually be happier if every app was just a series of APIs I can plug into
  • This is the first application I’ve seen of an OS that moves to simply a command:reponse function
  • The camera looking at what you’re looking at fits directly into my future vision of phones: phone as a translation layer.
January  12,  2024

via Ryan Jones on Twitter:

IAC just sold 17 apps to Bending Spoons.

  • $100M deal
  • All 330 employees fired
  • Robokiller and PDF Hero appear to be the biggest

Sneak peak at the playbook: ultra scammy tactics, no new features, sell user data, more ads, and other lovely things.

And so the Bending Spoons cancer continues to spread.

January  8,  2024

Microsoft design team strikes again.

EDIT: Ah yes, but why?

December  31,  2023
In the realm where clicks and swipes hold sway,
2023 bids design to play.
A dance of pixels, seamless and refined,
As interfaces evolve, innovation intertwined.

Gestures whisper, a tactile ballet,
User journeys mapped in a vibrant display.
From dark modes sleek to gradients bold,
Designers weave stories, a tale to be told.

Into 2024, the canvas expands,
Augmented realities and intuitive hands.
With empathy as ink, and pixels as lore,
Experience design evolves, a symphony evermore. 🍃