via Tobias van Schneider:

Not all designers are artists. In fact, most designers aren’t artists and that’s perfectly fine. But the best designers are indeed artists. And that’s the difference. For the most talented, successful designers in the industry, art is the secret ingredient that takes their work to the next level.

This echoes my own feelings about recognizing the best designers.

Their approach to problem-solving is often rooted in their personal expression and creativity, and this humanity is apparent in their work. Artistry requires comfort in ambiguity, and those who are not confident in that space tend to rely solely on data to guide their decisions. This approach can result in underwhelming final products that lack the spark and personality of designs created by more intuitive and imaginative designers.


Finally updated my portfolio’s blog.

Hopefully that means fewer excuses for not writing.


via Jorge Arango:

Skillful action demands that you master the particulars. You can only do that if you pay attention to feedback.[…]

So you design with feedback. But you also design for feedback.

Shed the negative associations. Embrace feedback for what it is: core to skillful action and good design.

A nice reminder on a rainy morning.


Was playin’ around with the idea of how live activities might be used for live sports.

Could be neat to be able to summarize the state of the game


via Figma’s blog:

Today, we’re announcing that Figma has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Adobe. This has been in the works over the past few months and I’m so excited to finally share this news with the world.

This is great news for all those Figma alternatives out there. I’m currently exploring Penpot for example.