January  24,  2024

I’ve been talking about the idea of AI taking the role of a personal assistant in people’s lives with friends and coworkers since the boom of AI in recent months. This looks like the first practical application I’ve seen of that idea, have a watch if you haven’t already:

Okay, so what’s so cool about this idea? Let’s break it down:

  • I agree with moving away from the app model
    • If anything, I see apps as just their core function, everything else is extraneous
    • I’d actually be happier if every app was just a series of APIs I can plug into
  • This is the first application I’ve seen of an OS that moves to simply a command:reponse function
  • The camera looking at what you’re looking at fits directly into my future vision of phones: phone as a translation layer.
January  12,  2024

via Ryan Jones on Twitter:

IAC just sold 17 apps to Bending Spoons.

  • $100M deal
  • All 330 employees fired
  • Robokiller and PDF Hero appear to be the biggest

Sneak peak at the playbook: ultra scammy tactics, no new features, sell user data, more ads, and other lovely things.

And so the Bending Spoons cancer continues to spread.

January  8,  2024

Microsoft design team strikes again.

EDIT: Ah yes, but why?

December  31,  2023
In the realm where clicks and swipes hold sway,
2023 bids design to play.
A dance of pixels, seamless and refined,
As interfaces evolve, innovation intertwined.

Gestures whisper, a tactile ballet,
User journeys mapped in a vibrant display.
From dark modes sleek to gradients bold,
Designers weave stories, a tale to be told.

Into 2024, the canvas expands,
Augmented realities and intuitive hands.
With empathy as ink, and pixels as lore,
Experience design evolves, a symphony evermore. 🍃
December  25,  2023

Finally got full interactivity working on the home page. Entirely coded using ChatGPT, figure that. 🤖

December  19,  2023

Why is the button to view a Stack in the Finder (making the content more easily searchable, sortable, scannable, etc.) the last item in the grid?

If it were the first item, at least then the user could easily decide between the stack view or the Finder view, but as the last item you’re always forced to scroll through the entire list (in some cases, a VERY long list).

Hell, even better? Put it as a floating object fixed to top of the panel.

December  11,  2023

Recently finished reading The State of UX in 2024: Enter late-stage UX, and had a few thoughts:

AI automates an increasing part of our jobs and reduces demand for designers in certain markets.

This evolution has been a long time in the making. Hard skills, traditionally deemed future-proof, are now facing challenges. The current opportunity lies in designers embracing AI-driven design generation to facilitate faster iterations and expedite the turnaround of concepts.

Supply of designers outstrips demand. Market is still uncertain.

This was evident even in the early 2010s when the market was saturated with “designers” from bootcamps who made negligible contributions to the industry at large.

Focus on scalability and standardization over differentiation and delight.

Much like the industrialization of physical products, it is only logical that the next evolutionary step in digital design involves seeking ways to componentize and streamline the overall process. While there is still value in craftsmanship, (particularly when users anticipate a premium experience) the majority of products are utilitarian in nature and do not necessarily benefit from overly crafted experiences.

Greater influence of financial health, shareholders interests, and business metrics in design decisions.

First and foremost you are a designer, not an artist; you are hired to solve business problems through design.

Lack of trust in digital products makes users either skeptical, complacent, or susceptible to exploitation.

An industry that heavily relied on dark patterns and manipulation to maintain user engagement results in a lack of trust? What a surprise.

December  10,  2023

Via Reuters:

“A vehicle of this size, power and huge weight will be lethal to pedestrians and cyclists in a collision,” the Brussels-based nonprofit European Transport Safety Council said in a statement.


Days without incident:

December  8,  2023

I’m starting to think there are enough posts on this blog that I should implement some filtering at the head of the page.

December  8,  2023 (edited)
Author's note I'm going to leave up this draft version and update it as I flesh out this idea. Relevant joke.

Slingshot Design

Envision your design process as pulling back a slingshot, meticulously setting parameters and direction. Release the tension, propelling development swiftly toward the target with minor adjustments within the slingshot’s vectors.

Evaluate the impact:

  1. Direct hit but standing: Amplify resources and extend MVP for a more impactful follow-up.
  2. Missed target (degree noted): Refine your aim without starting over, leveraging existing documentation and making adjustments for a more accurate shot.